Farewell-A trip back in time

As a child which wish to become a adult sooner,we wanted our college life to get over soon. But then when we become an adult we all want our childhood days back right likewise we all are longing to get those beautiful days of our college life back unknowing of the fact that those special days can never be back. Each and everyone whom we met in our college life has a irreplaceable place in our heart. Whenever we think those days ,those memories with friends it make us happy and overwhelmed with joy. Friends are the one to whom we can share anything, even which we won't share with our parents. Friendship is one of the purest relationship in the world. Whatever may the situation,a good friend will always accompany you. Their presence makes us happy. Friends are always special. Having someone to whom We share everything is a pure bliss right. Whenever you get broken,they will always be there for you to hold your back. One good friend is equal to thousands of friends. They guide us in all possible aspects. They always think about our good. I am very happy that I got few good friends in my college. It's not that how long you know someone, it's all about who comes in your life and never left you when you need them!! It's all about who supported you,who cared for you. Friends are always a blessing of our life.

  Those friends we get there in college are not just a friend they are a 'family'. Those times we spent with them are lovely and the memories we share with them are the best. Each and every day is special one when we are with our friends. They support us when we are down. They shares all our happiness and sorrow. They guide us like our father and care for us like our mother. They gave us lots and lots of memories to cherish. Life without friends is like river without water . We never realized how much we love each other until this day,Farewell. A day with full of tears and love. The day with lots of mixed emotions. Life goes on even when we want it get freeze. 

We never sit in the same class,same bench but still we all are united by our feelings. It's not that we miss our college ,it's all about the friends that beautiful place gave us. Each and every friends are memorable in some or other way. Even when they leave us their memories won't. You people know how much lucky I am, I got many lovely friends. My college days were awesome because of those lovely ones. Many said I will get good friends in college but none of them said I will get a family. Will miss those beautiful sweethearts in my life . Oh my god how did I forgot to tell u about my bus journey. Not only college but also bus journey gave me good friends with whom I cherished the memories. Because of whom those long travel become the shortest. That bus not only gave me friends but also sisters and brothers. I enjoyed my college life to the core. I will cherish each and every moment. Hope you too would have experienced the same. Will never forget those beautiful people in my life. 

             Dedicated to all my special ones


  1. ❣️will always remember and cherish those memories

  2. We missed farewell������

  3. Ever Lasting memories


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