Whenever we hear the word 'LOVE' the very first thing that comes to our mind is love towards someone,or towards our parents, or towards our pet...etc right. But here what I mean is 'SELF-LOVE'. The love towards one own self. Okay fine let's take a scenario, when someone asked us to describe about our friends or family or any closer one, we started describing them the very next moment but when they asked you to describe your own self we think for a while right. That's where we lack self love. 

In this busy world we run behind money,people,job and many more. Have we ever spent time on your own self? Yeah showering love on others is a good thing but spending some quality time towards one's own self is necessity. When you started to love yourself everything around you seems beautiful. Self love make us to discover our inner peace. It gives us happiness which we search in the outside world. What's wrong in spending some time with our own self? Just spent few minutes to yourself to discover what you really love to do. Live your life completely. Love yourself and spread that love.

  Self love brings you confident and boost your talent. If you can't love your own self, then who can? Spreading of love is important but you know is much more important than it? Yes, loving your own self. Every person has a unique talent. Come on, take your own time to find your hidden. Never ever lose your hope. Whatever may be love yourself like no one can. Find the beauty in you. When you start to love yourself,you tend to discover who you are. Make a time for yourself. Discover your inborn talent. Follow your passion. Do thinks which will make you happy and never do things to impress. After all we got one life and we are not sure how many days we will live, so enjoy each moments. Do what you really love. Don't think what others say. Some people will always criticize you even when do things right. Let them criticize. You don't worry about them. If you started to worry about it, then every second and every moment seems horrible for you. Follow your heart. Listen to what your heart say. Live your life as you like. Enjoy the beauty of nature. Do what you love, if not at least love what you do. You can't do thinks by hating it. Enjoy each moment of your no matter how hard it is. Everyone you come across in your life would have taught you a lesson. Have the lesson in your mind. But one thing never hate anyone, because hating them will sometimes make you take revenge on them which will completely destroy your happiness. So never keep any anger or revenge to stay in your mind. It is not good for you and also for them. Life moves on. Time heals everything. Be calm. Stay cool.Here i have one more question for you.

 What do you people think is more important? Inner beauty or outer beauty?
Outer beauty make you feel good looking,smart,beautiful etc but inner beauty is important to lead a peaceful and happy life. To achieve inner beauty, the very first thing which is important is self love. Love yourself,fly high even the big mountain seems very small. Enjoy your by loving yourself everyday.

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