Love @ first sight-True love story-01

   Few boys was playing cricket in the street. Suddenly one ball hit by a boy who was bating strike the window of a house. A glass window was broken. All rest of the insisted the boy who does it to get the ball. He was frightened that the people in that house will scold him. With fear he slowly start walking near the door of that house and pressed the calling bell. Hearing the ring....ring.... sound, the door was opened. That boy was freed like a statue. Person in front of him asked him what he want. He was staring at that person without uttering a single word.

   Can you guess who was in front of him? Yes you are right! A beautiful girl!!!! She seems like an angel to him. She looks like his dream girl. His heart was beating fastly. He stood there without any moment. Seeing him stand still that girl called up her mother and started walking towards her room. His eyes started following her. Suddenly a voice interrupts. "Hey what do you want?". He came out from his dream world. He said her that,"Aunty ball". The very next moment that lady started shouting." Oh!you are that idiot, who always broke all our window. How dare you! Get lost". Suddenly a boy came there and said to her that,"Aunty sorry!He is my cousin. He came to my house today. He was not the one you then". Then she said okay and gave him the ball. His cousin took him home saying that " Hey Ragul,this is why I said you not to play on the street".Ragul just nodded his head. Yeah the hero name is Ragul! He thought about that girl for a whole day. That night he couldn't sleep. The next morning Rahul along with his family where getting ready to return to their home. He looked at that house for a long time. He wished to see that girl for at least one time. But he couldn't.


  Next few months rolled by very fast. Rahul completed his schooling. After a long time he visits his cousin house to see that girl. But he was shocked to hear it. Yes she vacated her house. His cousin was unaware of where she was relocated. He was very sad. He joined Socialites arts and science college. He choosed BSC Computer science and he shined in his academic. He got good friends and was enjoying his college life. After three of his college life, one day when was playing football with his friends, he suddenly saw a girl. He was shocked! Yes she was that same girl. He was very happy to see her again. He started collecting all her info. Finally after a week he found out her name, phone number etc. His friend ask him to text her. But he was nervous. It took him one whole month to text her. One fine day, he decided to text her. He started typing a message and deleted it. He continued the same for five times. Then at last he texted her and waited for her reply. 

                       Love journey continues.....

     To know what happened next, wait for a week!! Until then take a look at my previous blogs.

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