Love @ First Sight-True Love-02

If you haven't read Love @ First sight-01, then take a look at it . You can't understand it without looking at part-01.

He texted her. She viewed the text and asked him who is he. He said he say her in his cousin's house and gave her a brief info about him. Later she started to answer him. They both started talking daily. After few days, they both became very close to each other. They became a very good friends. They visited many place together. Later Rahul taught to propose her one day. That fine day came!! Rahul took  his girl to a romantic place and proposed her. Did you remember that girl name? No right! Because I haven't said you her name :) Her name is Rita. Yes, the name of that beautiful girl is Rita. She accepted his proposal with smile in her face.

Their beautiful love story begin there. They loved each other a lot. They enjoyed their lief to the core. They loved each other like no one can love them that much. They both supported each other. They cared for each other more. Life was going so nice for both. They completed their college. Rahul got job in IT company and he started working there. Rita was doing her higher studies. 

It has been six days Rita made a call to Rahul. Rahul was little bit worried. He tried reaching her but he can't as her mobile is switched off. He was disturbed. He then went directly to her hostel to see her. When he went there he was having a shocking news. Guess what?  One of the Rita's friend said him that she was met with a accident and she was no more. He was shocked. Everything seems dark to him. Tears rolled out from his eyes. He was completely broken.  He slowly walked into her room. He was crying continuously sitting in her room. For hours, he was crying......... Then when he was about to leave that room he found a dairy on her table. He started reading it........

                                    Love story continue..........

Wait for a week to more about Rahul's life......

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  1. Taken my memory few years back down the time. Good one...

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    1. Thanks you...for sure will visit your blog.....


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