Pillar of every family

Whom do you think is the pillar of your house? If you ask me the same question, my answer would be my father. I think most of you would answer the same. The one who works hard for their child. The one who always think of the well being of their child.

We can never understand the love of a father unless we are in his position. He guides his children like a teacher. Mother shows us what the true love is, whereas father shows us what the life is. He always make sure that we never face the difficulties which he had faced in his life. He is a very good teacher. His love is always unconditional.

He always pamper us like a kid. He make sure we never face any problems alone. He always stand for us no matter what it is. He is a role model for most of us. We can never understand his love and care for us unless we are in any difficulties. Whenever we fall down, the first hand which comes to raise us up is our father's hands. whenever we failed, the one who comes first to support us will be our father. Father's love is one of the most purest love which we will never realize. 

The one who never buy anything for him. He always say that instead of spending money for him, he can buy something for his child. He is the one who earns but never spent for his own. Such a great person he is. No matter how much you hate him today, one day you will surely understand him. That day you may praise him. Always listen to what your father say. He always think only about your well-being. 

He may be rude to you sometimes but think for a while, you may surely find a reason behind it. Every father love their child but most of them failed to express. How much struggle he would have undergone to get you what you want! How many long hours he would have worked! How many disrespect he would have faced! Every day he is struggling a lot and lot. Only reason for these is the love he has for his child. He may face a lots of difficulties but he never wants his child to face any one. Most of us are unaware of it and we are still complaining him. He sacrifices all his wish to fulfill our wish. He undergo lots and lots of difficulties and still maintain that same smile in his face. A father is a one who always sacrifices all his needs and to fulfill our needs. He is not worried about his torn shoes and shocks but he can't see his child wearing any torn shoes or shocks. 

The life which we live now is because of our father's hard work. He is a real warrior. He is a real hero who face many enemies everyday. He loves his child unconditionally. His only taught is the well being of his child. Let's take this moment to appreciate him. Not every wound is visible, like wise most of our father's wound is invisible. Let's be the medicine for it. The only thing he wants from us is, our success. He will the very happy person to see our success. Let's make him happy by giving him a gift of our success!

Dedicated to all the fathers out there by your daughters and son. Let us dedicate it to him and make him feel happy. Father!! You are the real hero. We are very proud of you.


  1. Mind blowing❤ I wish to dedicate this to my dad❤


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