Better sleep for good health

Is sleeping good for health?Is it necessary that we sleep at least 8 hours a day? Do we all get 8 hours of sleep daily? Come let's find solution for all our questions!!

Good sleep gives us freshness and it relaxes our mind. It make us ready to face the next day with full of energy. It calms our mind and gives us peace of mind. It improves our confidence and make us ready to face the upcoming thinks. Good sleep reduces the weight and heart diseases. Even the machines can't work all time continuously ,if it does so it get repaired soon. Likewise our body can't work continues, it also need some rest right. Sleeping gives rest to our body. Our body parts work the whole day and we need to show some mercy to it right ;) so take rest for at least 8 hours a day. It refreshers you and you can work with energy. Most of us sacrifice our sleep without knowing the side effects. What will happen if we don't have a good amount of sleep? Come let's know about it!

Lack of sleep...? What will be it's outcome?

  • The very first thing is that it will slow down your brain function, as a result it becomes difficult to concentrate on thinks and even taking decision become harder. 
  • It will slow down your metabolism. It result in many health issues. It will affect your overall body and result in some serious medical issues. It also weaken your immune system. 
  • It increases your temper and make you get angry for small things. It also may results in some cognition issues. It weakens your memory power and make you forget things easier. 
  • You gain weight. It's proven fact. Take some good amount of sleep every day to maintain your weight.
  • Risk of diabetes and cancer increases. Your skin loses it's glow in some time. Good sleep is necessary for your central nervous system to work properly

So take some good amount of sleep every day. You should take an average of 8 hours sleep daily. Sleep well! Okay next let's know what we should do to get a good sleep. 

Things to be done to get a good sleep: 

  • Eat an hour before you sleep and after 20 minutes take a cup of hot milk. That's it you will get a good sleep. Don't drink coffee before sleeping as it refreshes you. 
  • Try to sleep and wake up at a consistent time. You will get the sleep regularly at that time
  • Get a comfortable bed and pillows as there are the most needed one for our sleep.
  • Avoid using mobile phones,tab and laptop at night time. This is the main reason why we don't get a good sleep. We start our day and end our day by watching mobile phones. This is also a reason why we lack our sleep
  • Read some good books and relax your mind so that sleep comes automatically.
  • Maintain the temperature in your bedroom.
  • Make sure that your bedroom don't have bright lights. 
That's it guys!! Have a good sleep and enjoy your day with smile :)


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