Be a reason for their sun shine

 One of the most beautiful and precious organ which god most of are eyes right. Without it how could we see this beautiful world? But some of them are struggling a lot without it. Most painful thing. Have you ever seen some struggling without their eye sight? They are very brave by heart. Have you closed your eyes and started walking in your home? Once try it. Then you may able to understand their difficulties. They are the REAL HEROES. Don't feel pity for them because they are the great person who overcome the struggle everyday in their life. Instead motivate them and help them in all possible way you can.

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        Let me tell you one story. One day a 21 years boy and his father was travelling in the train. The boy was very excited. He eagerly said his father that see dad how that cloud is passing by., how beautiful that dog is, how good is my and so on. The passenger in the opposite direction asked that boy's father whether that boy is mentally retarded. The father with a smile in his face said that he was blind from birth and today was his eye operation. He got his eyes today so he is excited about what he see. How happy that boy could be!! Think for a while. How can we help them?

 We can help them in one way. Yes! We can donate our eyes. What will we do with our eyes after dead? Nothing right. At least it can somewhere,somehow useful to others who are struggling. They too deserve to see this world! At least we will leave this world with a satisfaction that we have helped others. Eye donation is one the best donation. We grow by helping other. If we have one thing and if it no more going to help us, then what's the use of keeping it with us? No use right. Then why don't we donate it. We are not going to donate when we are alive, isn't it? Then what makes you hesitate to do eye donation.

   Let's donate our eyes and make someone's future bright. God has given us eyes and we are passing it someone who don't have. What's wrong in it? Nothing. Indeed it is great!!

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All people out there are like our brothers and sisters. We may join hands together and help each other. Having eyes after death is of no use so don't hesitate to do it. I hope you people do it for sure. Let's do it together. Let's do it for our brothers and sisters out there. Let's stay united and help each other. NEVER FORGET TO DONATE YOUR EYES. It saves someone bright future,someone's dream, someone's hope. Let's do it for them.


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