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The ultimate guide to overcome the exam fear

The very first thing which we all experience before writing the exam is exam fear. Most of us would have experienced it. Whenever we think about exams, this fear will come within us. We come across many cases in which student end up in taking bad decision in a fear of facing things. First understand one thing, nothing is more important than our life. We study,we earn,we struggle. Why do we do all these things? Just to live happily right. We may fail in one attempt. So what? We can learn from it and succeed it the next time. Never and ever lose your hope. Here I like to share you few things to overcome the nervousness we face before entering the exam hall. I hope this will help somewhere. The very first thing is avoid last minute study. I don't mean to say that you should stop learning before an hour of exam. Here what I wanna say you is that don't rush up until the very last minute. Just reach your exam hall few minutes before the exam commence. It not only avoid tensio