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Are you going to attend interview? Make sure you avoid these small mistakes

   We all do some small mistakes in life. Likewise unknowingly we do some small mistake in interview which may lead to lose of great opportunities awaiting for us. Try to avoid it. But before starting I just want to share you some thoughts. We always learn by our failures. Take that failure as a step for your success. Never lose your hope if you failed in one interview. Is that  the only company in this whole world? No right. So if you got rejected in one interview take that experience from that and never repeat it ever in your life. What if you got rejected in many company? Try till you get a job. Never and ever come to a mindset that you can't. Come on! You have a talent which made you cross many obstacles. Not everyone get job in their first attempt. Try try and try till you reach. I am sure you will somewhere find a job which match your talent. If you faced so many failures and not given? Well done! You are great warrior. Okay come let's discuss further about the things whi