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Few things you should never say to your kids.

          One of the most difficult thing in this world is parenting.  That too it become more difficult when it come to a small kid. They are not matured enough to understand what you are saying.  They are always playful and do whatever they wish. There is nothing wrong in it. It is the age where they could enjoy their complete freedom. But parents have the responsibility of guiding them in a proper way. Here are the few important things which you should never forget: Never compare them with others: This is the most common mistake most of the parents do. Never ever do this. Every child is unique in their own way. Some may be good in studies,some in sports,some in singing,some in dancing,etc.  Your child may not be good in one thing but they may shine in others. Never compare your child with other child. It make them lose their self confident in their small age. It make them feel depressed, Instead say,  see how good she/he is! If you try well, then you can also do it. Instead of compa

Love @ first sight-True love story-01

    Few boys was playing cricket in the street. Suddenly one ball hit by a boy who was bating strike the window of a house. A glass window was broken. All rest of the insisted the boy who does it to get the ball. He was frightened that the people in that house will scold him. With fear he slowly start walking near the door of that house and pressed the calling bell. Hearing the ring....ring.... sound, the door was opened. That boy was freed like a statue. Person in front of him asked him what he want. He was staring at that person without uttering a single word.    Can you guess who was in front of him? Yes you are right! A beautiful girl!!!! She seems like an angel to him. She looks like his dream girl. His heart was beating fastly. He stood there without any moment. Seeing him stand still that girl called up her mother and started walking towards her room. His eyes started following her. Suddenly a voice interrupts. "Hey what do you want?". He came out from his dream world


Whenever we hear the word 'LOVE' the very first thing that comes to our mind is love towards someone,or towards our parents, or towards our pet...etc right. But here what I mean is 'SELF-LOVE'. The love towards one own self. Okay fine let's take a scenario, when someone asked us to describe about our friends or family or any closer one, we started describing them the very next moment but when they asked you to describe your own self we think for a while right. That's where we lack self love.  In this busy world we run behind money,people,job and many more. Have we ever spent time on your own self? Yeah showering love on others is a good thing but spending some quality time towards one's own self is necessity. When you started to love yourself everything around you seems beautiful. Self love make us to discover our inner peace. It gives us happiness which we search in the outside world. What's wrong in spending some time with our own self? Just spent f