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Most precious thing!!

  When once lost can never be regained. Can you guess what? Yes! The answer is time. The most valuable and precious thing in this world is time. Never waste your time. If once gone can never be regained. Use your time wisely. Spend sometime for yourself. Spend your time valuable. Prove yourself every moment whenever you get a chance.  Don't avoid any opportunities. We know the value of minutes only when we are in tough situation. We may not know the value of a second but even those seconds can turn someone life. Remember P T Usha lost her race in a fraction of second. Yes we may never understand the value of time most of the time. Most of us waste a whole month or year and start preparing for the exam at last minutes. What if we have read it before hand. We would be relaxed and confidently would have get ready write! Okay let me tell you small example :    Raju was a hard worker . Initially, he worked very hard. Used his time most effective. He managed all his work on time. He valu