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Pillar of every family

Whom do you think is the pillar of your house? If you ask me the same question, my answer would be my father. I think most of you would answer the same. The one who works hard for their child. The one who always think of the well being of their child. We can never understand the love of a father unless we are in his position. He guides his children like a teacher. Mother shows us what the true love is, whereas father shows us what the life is. He always make sure that we never face the difficulties which he had faced in his life. He is a very good teacher. His love is always unconditional. He always pamper us like a kid. He make sure we never face any problems alone. He always stand for us no matter what it is. He is a role model for most of us. We can never understand his love and care for us unless we are in any difficulties. Whenever we fall down, the first hand which comes to raise us up is our father's hands. whenever we failed, the one who comes first to support us will be ou

Love @ first sight-True love story-01

    Few boys was playing cricket in the street. Suddenly one ball hit by a boy who was bating strike the window of a house. A glass window was broken. All rest of the insisted the boy who does it to get the ball. He was frightened that the people in that house will scold him. With fear he slowly start walking near the door of that house and pressed the calling bell. Hearing the ring....ring.... sound, the door was opened. That boy was freed like a statue. Person in front of him asked him what he want. He was staring at that person without uttering a single word.    Can you guess who was in front of him? Yes you are right! A beautiful girl!!!! She seems like an angel to him. She looks like his dream girl. His heart was beating fastly. He stood there without any moment. Seeing him stand still that girl called up her mother and started walking towards her room. His eyes started following her. Suddenly a voice interrupts. "Hey what do you want?". He came out from his dream world